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Created on 2009-05-30 21:21:14 (#395830), last updated 2009-08-25 (425 weeks ago)

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Community description:If it makes you bash your head against a hard surface, it belongs here.
Has someone posted something in a community that just makes you wanna reach through the internet and slap the breeding capability right out of them? Have you come across something so mind-bogglingly retarded it defies logic? Feel the need to share the misery and/or point and laugh at the idiocy of others?

You're in the right place.

Bring us the stupid. Name names. Provide links. Give us a nice concise write-up. Provide caps if the post is locked.

Also, bring us the things that make you go "WTF were you thinking???" Bad slash, furries, pyronecropedobestiality. Things that make you go...bwuhhhhh.


Don't violate TOS.

If you're the stupid, take it like a man. Butthurt and flounce will just lead to more and harder mockery.

Don't bitch and bawwwwww for cuts. This is a WTF-themed community. You should know better than to look at this shit with your 4 year old or your boss around. We're not going to hold your fucking hand. Have a little fucking personal responsibility.

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diaf, faggotry, fail, gtfo and take your fail with you, oh god my eyes, retarded, stupid, this is why we can't have nice things, wtf, wtf is wrong with you asshole
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